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Nothing Beats a Live Party Band


Let’s be honest. When you’re organising a party, your biggest fear, beyond nobody turning up, is that people just don’t have a good time. A full bar, great food and inviting all your friends and relatives ought to be enough, but how can you be guaranteed to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement? How can you get everyone to forget about the day-to-day stresses of work and just have carefree fun? Well for most, music is a great distraction, but you need more than a DJ.


A live party band really brings a party alive


One thing we really love when appearing as a live party band is the instant change in the atmosphere the moment we walk on stage. It is as though everyone has been holding back and been politely reserved, but the arrival of the band heralds the moment everyone can lose their inhibitions and let off steam. With the right choice of song set, we can have people dancing from the very first song, and the greatest compliment we can be paid is when it turns midnight, and the party shows no signs of slowing down.

A live party band is very different to having a DJ


Ever walked into a restaurant in the evening and found the atmosphere lacking – then you notice that there is no background music? Imagine a party without any music – it’s hard to do, because music is essential, and there will always be a place for a DJ, even if it is just to provide the obligatory ‘background music’.

A live party band doesn’t just play music though. As we have mentioned a few times, we are also entertainers, crowd pleasers and the heartbeat of the very best parties, not just background music.


The excitement of a live party band begins the moment guests see the stage


Ever noticed at a party that the conversation soon begins with questions about the band? Who are they? What music will they be playing? Are they any good? It’s almost a case of the party holding back until these questions have been answered, and then the whole atmosphere changes the moment the band strikes the first chord and the girls begin to hit those perfect harmonies. We also want that air of excitement and sense of everyone having fun to last, which is why we do two one-hour sets with a break in between. It makes us feel quite proud when we think for the number of times we’ve broken off after our first set, only to be met with moans of disappointment, soon dispelled when we announce we’re just taking a break!



Wedding Band Bedfordshire
2 x 60-minute or 3 x
40-minute live sets
Bedfordshire Wedding Bands
Bespoke pre-mixed disco
before and after live sets
Wedding Bands In Essex
Superb repertoire featuring
the finest classic and modern
dance floor fillers
Corporate Function Band
Impressive pro PA & stage
lighting – prepare to be
Bedfordshire Wedding Bands
Bedfordshire Wedding Bands
Special request or first dance
performed at your wedding
or party
Wedding Bands In Essex
PAT certified equipment and
Public Liability Insurance
Wedding Band Bedfordshire
Excellent communication
throughout the booking and
planning process
Bedfordshire Wedding Bands
NO hidden agency fees


Jamie Paul Smith
Jamie Paul Smith reviewed
10 August

Booked these guys for our Wedding. They were excellent!

They have a brilliant, varied set list to suit all ears but were also very accommodating with playing some particular requests and most importantly they got involved with the crowd and had everyone on the dancefloor.

Honestly could not recommend them enough.

Andrea Brewington
Andrea Brewington reviewed
9 December

Massive thanks to you all for making our Christmas Ball amazing last night.

Tori & Danni have amazing voices which were absolutely complimented by the talented Sam on bass, Mark on drums and Anni on guitar.

I would highly recommend booking these guys if you want lots of compliments on the event that you are organising guests loved them.

Andrew Cook
Andrew Cook reviewed
20 May

We hired these guys for our wedding. The girls sounded amazing and the whole band were so slick. The sound was at just the right level, loud enough to enjoy but not too loud that we couldn't speak to people in the next room.

They were extremely kind and a pleasure to deal with even allowing the yougest wedding guest to play with their tambourine. I would love to do the whole wedding again and i would hire them again.

Maybe my next big birthday party! Thank you all for making our wedding end on a fabulous note. Andrew & Lisa Cook x


If you’re looking for live bands in Essex, and across the UK get in touch today!

If you have the venue and a special event, we’ll do the travelling! While most of our gigs are based in the south-east of England and we frequently play for clients looking for live bands in Essex, we do travel much further afield for really special events, even internationally, having played a number of gigs further afield in Europe! If you’d like to have us play at your party or event, just give us a call, tell us where and when you’d like us to perform and, providing we aren’t already booked, we’ll be there!



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