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Looking For The Ultimate Live Band?

Live bands can bring a different kind of atmosphere to an event. Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party or even a corporate or community event, music is what makes people stay. Therefore it is important to choose the right band to bring your event to life. As compared to a DJ, a live band is more interactive which can mean the difference between a dull or lively event. But not all live bands will make your event a success. There is a lot that could go wrong during a live performance, so you need a band that is not just good at performing, but also understands how to perform at a live event and all the intricacies involved.


The Best Live Band in the UK….

We are Revolve, the only band in the UK you should consider for your live event. It is our professional responsibility to make sure your event has the best live entertainment. As a band we have been performing at events all over the UK for a long time. As such, we are aware of everything you need to make sure the entertainment aspect of your is perfect.

We can play a wide range of genres including motown, soul, pop, rock or any combination of the four. Even if your chosen playlist involves songs of more than one genre, we take the time to merge them seamlessly and transition from one track to another effortlessly. It is our responsibility to play every song you ask us to play and we make the commitment to do just that.


Who are Revolve…?

We are a 5-piece band containing two female vocalists, a bass player, a guitarist and a drummer. The harmonies from our vocalists mesh perfectly with the 10-string harmonies created by our bassists and guitarist to produce a unique Revolve sound, no matter what song we play. The sound is further enhanced by our custom created tracks, resulting in what sounds like a 9-piece band.

To make everything easier for you, we come equipped with our own cutting edge sound systems and killer sets. Our sound systems ensure consistency in our performance and also produce the best quality sound output to keep your party or event lively.

Live Bands
Live Bands

Our services include, but are not limited to;

  • 2x60 minute or 3x40 minute live sets

  • Free DJ Laptop service for between and after live sets to keep your dance-floor filled

  • Superb repertoire featuring the finest classic and modern dance floor fillers

  • Professional P.A & Lighting System

  • Special request or first dance performed at your wedding or party

  • We come with PAT certified equipment and Public liability insurance

  • We are open to your suggestions and will be with you through the entire planning process.

Live Bands

Our Experience is Unmatched….

When planning an event it can be very difficult to find a band that not only aligns with what you need, but also has the necessary experience to pull it off. We have been together for a long time and are aware of each other’s strengths. But even more importantly, we are aware of the industry and what is required of us. When you contact us for a booking, you’ll find that we are willing to work with you to come up with the best entertainment set we can put together.

To us, your needs come first. We will never try to impose any playlists or songs on you. There are no requirements that you have to fulfill except maybe that you book in time. Giving us adequate notice to prepare is one way to ensure your event will be perfect. The communication channel is always open with us and with adequate notice you are allowed to make changes to the playlist or any other aspect of our performance.

Revolve guarantees the best live band performance we can provide for you and our past clients can attest to this!

That’s what we do (and why). Now? All that’s left is to find out whether we’re available for your big night.

Let’s see. Contact us today.