London Wedding Band

Why Us

Our business is Music and we have been in this industry for a very long time. As such, we are aware of what your event needs to be memorable. Revolve are a 5-piece band that is made up of a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist and two female vocalists. The combination of these talented musicians creates a sound that is uniquely our own; you are unlikely to find any other London Function Band like Revolve.

Our vocalists are highly talented and when combined with the 10-string melody from our equally talented guitarist and bassists, the result is a magic. We transform any song that we perform and make it our own. As such we never play the same song twice. To further enhance the sound, every performance is accompanied by our handcrafted studio created tracks for brass, synths & keys to make our 5-piece band sound like a 9-piece. It’s huge and cost effective.