How To Choose The Best Wedding Band For Your Day

A fun packed dance floor is one of the high points of every wedding ceremony. The kind of music you choose for your wedding dance floor is therefore very important. Whether you’re going for a live band or a DJ, there are important facts to keep in mind.  DJs seem to be more popular these days, but there is nothing comparable to that old school feeling of a live band performing at your wedding. Live bands are classical and create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding party. A live band can typically adapt to any function and therefore is certainly a tradition that is not dying out anytime soon.

For those who are not into the business of events or music promotion, hiring a band may be a bit difficult. It is a pretty difficult task to look for the right wedding band for your event. Selecting the right wedding band is one way to keep your dance floor engaged. You get the privilege to hear some of the rare requests of a collection of old school music.  

A great musical entertainment is mostly the aftermath of a good wedding or function people remember. Nobody is satisfied when you hire a DJ or live band with a bad performance. Most people often poorly budget for their wedding entertainment. At Revolve Party Band, we work around your budget to ensure you get a memorable experience.

If you are searching for a great live band , then you can contact us for your wedding events and functions . We have a large set list of different music genres to make your event or function a memorable one.

Before selecting a wedding band, there are some key factors to consider:


Depending on the kind of event, the kind of band you require may differ. It is important to check for outstanding wedding acts. Personal preference can also differ when it comes to music. It is most important to stick with what suits you best and to seek advice from friends and family members before choosing a specific band. You can also choose to seek professional advice from a wedding supplier.

The internet is definitely one of your best friends when it comes to finding the perfect Live Band. There are a lot of collection and samples to consider. A lot of bands own websites where you can find samples of their performances. 

It is also important to make a list of all your selections. This makes it easier to go through all your selections later and draw a final conclusion.

However, going for one band that can multitask is certainly a good way to cut down on cost. At Revolve Party Band, whether it’s Old School Classics, Pop, Motown or Rock, we’ve got you covered.

Revolve Wedding Band London

Revolve Wedding Band London


Making the right selection for your wedding events or party is very important. Most bands do not want to play a song outside of their genre. It’s always important to ask for a sample or collection before jumping to conclusions.

Again, it is important to stick with a band that can offer your specific requests. Always bear in mind that it may cost some extra cash for a band to perform outside their genre. Revolve Party Band will always perform a special song request for you at no extra cost and can cover all styles of music.

Revolve Wedding Band London

Revolve Wedding Band London


Nobody would break a bank account only to plan for a 4-hour event. It is therefore important to consider your budget before hiring a band. Being open with your budget makes it easier for an event supplier to know what to look for. Planning and budgeting ahead are very important and crucial to getting the right band.

The price of a band usually depends on the size of the band and the number of hours they are expected to perform.

Revolve Wedding Band London

Revolve Wedding Band London