How To Start A Function Band

If you are looking to start a function band then you need to understand the difference between a function and a pub band. When people pay musicians to entertain the guests, they expect good results. If the music is not up to the expectations then the bands reputation could be damaged.

Starting a band is hard work, so make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared. Making a living from music is not easy and there is a lot of competition. Here are a few tips that can help in making a mark in the music industry and playing at big events.

Revolve Wedding Band London

Revolve Wedding Band London

Decide A Band Name

Coming up with a catchy and memorable name is probably the hardest part of the process. The name is important because it is your identification. Choose a name that reflects the type of music you play and think hard before making a decision so that stick to it. If you keep changing the name then it will be difficult to build a good reputation.

Reliable Musicians

It is important that you group together talented and reliable musicians. Availability of the musicians is just as important as the talent. You cannot have a successful band if the musicians are not able to fulfil their commitments. Ensure that all the members are ready for the hard work that lies ahead and are able to make themselves available for most weekends.

Make An Investment

Commitment is essential to succeed so you should be ready to make an investment. If you want to receive bookings for a function then you have to improve your live act. Good lighting and a high-quality PA will help in making a good impression. Your image is also important so Invest in good clothing so that your band looks professional at all times. The guests are going to judge the performance in the first thirty seconds so make sure that the sound and style is decent. Click here for more information on how to choose the right P.A system.

Carefully Decide Your Set List

A Function Bands Set List is one of the most important factors to consider when performing live. The set list needs to be engaging and up beat so that your dance-floor is packed for the entire night. The last thing you want is to perform to an empty room of chairs! Choose your set list carefully and strategically place songs in the right order, ensuring it flows from one to the next. You need to play music that your audiences want to hear and not just the music you like playing live. Revolve have built a repertoire and a Function Band Set-List you can view, which is a good mixture music styles and genres.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

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If you want to make an impression and start booking professional events then you need to rehearse a lot. The live act should be interesting, memorable and flawless. It is important that the band gels well together on stage and plays tighter than an Otters Pocket! Every live performance you give is a chance to advertise your music and quality so make sure you take every performance seriously.

You should also add a little personal touch to the covers you perform so that people remember you. Taking every event and party seriously and putting a lot of effort in your performances shows your professionalism. It tells people that you are worth their money.

Amazing Demos

A demo is important because it will help you to secure good gigs. Investing in at least three or four studio demos is going to pay off as the clients often want to hear a recording before booking you. Make sure the sound quality is top notch as this will be the deciding factor for you in securing bookings. People are extra careful when they hire musicians for events like a wedding or a private party as they are paying top money. Revolve have a good a good collection of studio recording examples which you can check out here.


It is important that you do some marketing. Create impressive social profiles and an attractive website. It will help in reaching potential clients. You can also hire an entertainment agency so that you get some exposure. Last Minute Musicians is a great website for bands where you can create your own profile and advertise your act.


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