How To Choose Your First Dance Song

How to choose your first dance song

The First Dance!  Why is it so Hard to Decide?

When it comes to the first dance after the Wedding, couples sometimes find it very hard to decide on what song they should choose.  Should it be a happy?  Slow?  Fast?  Funny?  Whatever song they choose, they will remember it as a memory they will carry with them the rest of their lives together.  So, what are some tips for those looking for their first dance?

Well, why not begin by looking at the relationship itself?  Did you go to a rock concert together?  Was there a certain song on the radio when you met, or shared your first kiss?  While these songs may mean different things to each one of you, think about the type of song and maybe the words.  These can be a good starting point.

While many people want their first dance to be special to them, why not involve family and friends in the process?  What song comes to their mind when they think of you? While you may not use their suggestions, it may trigger some memories you have forgotten. You may even decide to use a song that a friend or family member used.  Why not?  It could be fun for you and them as they relive their own wedding.

If you are not the somber sort, listen to different party songs.  You know the ones!  The ones that are fun and action filled.  Some people like to recreate movie scenes, such as the one in the Movie Dirty Dancing? 

Of course, you have to also consider if you are going to have a live band or a DJ with pre-recorded music. Both types of entertainers should have a library of music, of different genre’s, to choose from.  Whichever one you decide on, make sure it is your choices that take the fore front not theirs.

There are even dancing instructors who specialise in teaching wedding party members how to dance at their reception.  In London, there are numerous companies and instructors who specialise in this venue.  Very popular in the UK are various types of first dance routines, including Latino, Big Band, and classical.  You can learn seven days a week at some studios, at times that are convenient to the people involved rather than on the studio’s time.

So, as you can see there are many options for picking the song for your first dance.  The main things to remember are:  It is your wedding and it should fit you.  It should also fit into the theme of the wedding, and with the people involved.

Don’t forget the fun factor either.  A wedding should be a happy, celebratory occasion and not one that is so staid and formal that no one enjoys it.  Be flexible and include a number of different types of music to follow the first dance. 

The first wedding dance is yours; but, afterwards don’t be afraid to let it be a party and have fun!

Sam Crabtree